WizFi360 MQTT?

I decided to switch from WizFi310 to WizFi360, but I just can’t figure it out with MQTT (
I need to publish / accept 35 topics every second. For example:
user_725018b4 / 1/3/1

user_725018b4 / 1/3/20

user_725018b4 / 2/5/1

user_725018b4 / 2/5/10

user_725018b4 / t
I do like this:

AT + MQTTSET = “user_725018b4”, “pass_f1a55cbe”, “WIZ1”, 60

AT + MQTTCON = 0, “”, 9124
no pub or sub topic


AT + MQTTTOPIC = “user_725018b4 / 1/3/1”, “user_725018b4 / 1/3/1”

AT + MQTTCON = 0, “”, 9124 // Is it very strange first SUB and only then CONNECT?

user_725018b4 / 1/3/1 → 25
user_725018b4 / 1/3/1 → 73
user_725018b4 / 1/3/1 → 17

AT + MQTTPUB = “0”
user_725018b4 / 1/3/1 → 0

So, what is next?
How do I post user_725018b4 / 1/3/2 … user_725018b4 / t

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Dear Nikita,

Thanks for using our products.
Regarding MQTT, when you make settings for MQTT TOPIC, you can setup 1 publish topic and 3 subscribe topics for WizFi360. Please refer to MQTT commands instructions guide (https://wizwiki.net/wiki/lib/exe/fetch.php/products:wizfi360:wizfi360ds:wizfi360_atset_v107.2e.pdf)

In order to setup topic again, you need to disconnect with broker first.

Best regards,

Доброе утро.
Спасибо за ответ.
Тем не менее не понимаю логики такой реализации.
Получается с использование WizFi360 можно разве что включать/выключать лампочку и снимать данные с пары датчиков.
Зачем надо было так ограничивать возможности MQTT протокола?
Почему бы не сделать MQTT как у WizFi310?
Тем более такой подход не требует большого расхода по памяти программы, да и оперативной памяти тоже.

Good morning.
Thanks for the answer.
Nevertheless, I do not understand the logic of such an implementation.
It turns out using WizFi360 can only turn on / off the bulb and take data from a pair of sensors.
Why was it necessary to limit the capabilities of the MQTT protocol?
Why not make MQTT like the WizFi310?
Moreover, this approach does not require a large consumption of program memory, and RAM, too.

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Dear Nikita,

I will forward your proposal to developers team and ask them to consider this during next firmware release.

Have a great day.
Best regards,

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Hello, Viktor,

I will be excited to wait for a new firmware.
Many thanks.
You are best!