Does w6100 use DMA mode for SPI communication with host controller?

I am communicating with W6100 over SPI (with DMA enabled). Does w6100 also use DMA for SPI communication. And is there a way for host controller to enable/disable DMA mode of the w6100 chip? I couldn’t find anything in the documentation.

DMA is a necessary function for SPI Master to data read and data write.
The W6100 is not required because it only works with SPI slave.

I am interested in this because I am facing timing problems when communicating with W6100 over SPI (DMA). My host controller is gets stuck during a read/write operation. I suspects if it is because w6100 is slower in response compared to my Host controller.

Thank you.

In case of W6100,even though theoretical design speed is 80MHz, the signal in the high speed may be distorted because of the circuit crosstalk and the length of the signal line. The minimum guaranteed speed of the SPI Clock is 33.3MHz which was tested and measured with the stable waveform.

Host controller stuck issue
->It is likely that the host’s DMA control is wrong.
The wiznet’s chip can read wrong values with the wrong address, but it doesn’t stop due to SPI Clock speed.
Would you double-check for DMA control of host, please?