Wiz750SR won't transmit packets with certain IP address- Port number

In regards to the WinNet750SR. If the Host sends a UDP broadcast packet, in certain situations the Wiz 750SR will send the correct response UDP packet, in other cases it won’t

The case that works:
Packet Source to Destination
Note the response packet from the 750SR at IP addr

The case that does not work:
Packet Source to Destination

Note, no response packet from the 750SR at IP =

Here’s a screen shot of the S2E Configuration

I’ve checked that I am sending out the RS485 port the same characters in each case.

For some reason, the 750SR will not generate a packet when the host is, but works OK when the the host is

Any help greatly appreciated

If ip is, there is no reason not to respond.
Is another PC? If the packet is being captured by the PC, the packet transmitted by the WIZ750SR will not be visible. Since the packet transmitted by the configuration tool is a broadcast packet, it can be seen on PC.
If this is not the case, it may be because does not give a response to the ARP transmitted by WIZ750SR.

Thanks Becky for the quick reply

The , the case that does not work, is a Sony Control panel that is acting as the host. The ,the working case, is a a PC that is running a Sony app that is supposed to simulate the Sony control panel

When broadcasting from the Sony control panel ( the PC app is not running, only Wave Shark to monitor the traffic

I believe you are correct in that the does not give a response to the ARP transmitted by WIZ750SR.
Can you steer me some documentation on the expected ARP packet transmitted by the WIZ750SR, a waveShark screenshot or similar would be fine.

If indeed this is the case, is there any way to configure WIZ750SR to reply to this broadcast UDP packet from


I could really use some help here. I’ve tried everything I can think of. If I can’t figure this out soon, I have to look for another solution