Not able to set wiz_NetInfo | SPI is working | STM32

	if (wizchip_init(rx_tx_buff_sizes, rx_tx_buff_sizes) == 0) {
	printf("W5500 Initialized\r\n");
printf("\r\nCHIP Version: %02x\r\n", getVERSIONR());

ctlnetwork(CN_SET_NETINFO, (void*) &gWIZNETINFO);

/* DHCP Process */
DHCP_init(0, test_buf);
reg_dhcp_cbfunc(dhcp_assign, dhcp_update, dhcp_conflict);
if (gWIZNETINFO.dhcp == NETINFO_DHCP) {       // CHEP DHCP
    printf("Start DHCP\r\n");
    while (1) {
        ret = DHCP_run();

Terminal Output

CHIP Version: 02
Start DHCP

It is getting stuck there.

I’m using 4 Pins only (SPI Pins). Do I need to connect other pins also?
What is the optimal SPI frequency?
Is there any timing issue?

I’m using WIZ550io module with STM32F0 MCU

You should connect reset pin also.
Before you initialize the W5500, you need to reset it first.

Normally you could set the SPI frequency under 30Mhz for STM MCU. There is no timing issue for it.


Thanks, now its working.