W5500 + big amount of multicast video in the network

Hello. I made some custom devices with a W5500 chip for ethernet connectivity support.
On W5500 I’m using DHCP, HTTP server, and one more socket for ModbusTCP connection. ioLibrary V4.0.0.
There are no any UDP sockets except DHCP socket.

The device is working stable. It is connected to switch and switch is connected to PC.
When I connect the videophone device to the switch - W5500 becomes working unstable, it can’t load web pages normally, ModbusTCP connection also become broken from time-to-time.
ACTLED always in active state - no blinking.
Videophone - send a big amount of multicast messages all the time. Here is some screenshot from Wireshark

When disconnect Videophone - w5500 becomes operate normally.
So, I guess it is a problem because of the big amount of multicast messages in the network.
Is it possible to disable the receiving of multicast messages on the w5500 hardware level?
Or maybe somebody can advise some idea how to fix it.
Best regards