Sr107 connection problem

Hi everyone…

now i am using 107sr serial to ethernet convertor.

My setting is 107sr as server and 1:1 connection with my labtop as Clint .
Problem is…socket connection is made but can’t receive the data at first if the server,sr107 is working, serial converting but possible to make communication if i try to reconnect socket .

For another try, first connection and communication is possible if i reboot sr107 and try connecting from clint.
And then drop the connection from the client and wait few minutes, try connection, then connection is made but can’t receive the data.

What’s going on this?..
Please help me to solve the issue…thanks.

I think this mean the operation as AT command mode, is it right?
If possible, I want to receive the capture data.

  • Serial monitoring data
  • packet capture using wireshark tool(freeware)
  • displayed configuration tool