Wiz107sr - data default

Tell me, please, where can I download the bin-file with default settings and see the data format for w7100a (length 255 bytes)?

Hi, You can download the latest firmware of WIZ107SR from [url]http://www.wiznet.co.kr/sub_modules/en/product/product_detail.asp?Refid=704&page=1&cate1=5&cate2=8&cate3=0&pid=1092&cType=2[/url].

You can get the defult value by factory reset. If you did factory reset wiz107sr, you can show the value on Configuration Tools.

Thank you.

I know where is the last firmware. Configuration tool (v1.4.4.2) not find the device and showing all the tabs and more buttons forbidden (gray). So I can not use the program to reset the settings to default. So I wanted to ask the default values ​​explicitly in writing data. Prompt how to set default values ​​differently.

Hi liv.
Do you have WIZ107SR-EVB module?
If you have, possible to reset the settings to default using [Factory Reset] button.
(refer to WIZ107SR User’s manual)
But, ‘factory reset’ function is recover to default configuration values only - Isn’t change the firmware binary.

I think, ‘Search’ function must succeed on a priority basis.
Search function based on UDP protocol.
Would you please check or turnoff the ‘Windows-firewall’ (or firewall of anti-virus programs) ?

Additionally, please refer to ‘WIZ107/108SR S2E Programming Guide’ document for data format.
wiznet.co.kr/UpLoad_Files/Re … _V100E.pdf