Should the W5500 EXRES1 pin be connected to GND or AGND?


I’ve noticed a discrepancy between the datasheet for the W5500 and the WIZ850io board. In the WIZ850io board, the EXRES1 (pin 10) pin is conneced to GND via a 12.4k resistor. In the datasheet for the W5500 (Figure 2, page 11), the EXRES1 pin is connected to AGND via a 12.4k resistor.

My question is, should he EXRES1 resistor be connected to GND or AGND?

Links to the documents are below:

Download W5500 Datasheet
Download WIZ850io Schematic

Thank you!


This question is old now, but just for completeness: the W5500 datasheet, section 1.1 Pin Descriptions, pin 10 says that it is for biasing of (internal) analog circuits, so it makes sense that it should be connected to analog ground.

In many reference schematics analog ground and digital ground are the same.