W5500 - Arduino Ethernet2 Udp.endPacket() freezes


I am using a W5500 chip. This works (with the default Arduino Ethernet 2 library) but if my internet is down, then Udp.endPacket(); results in a freeze/hang.

So it seems that the timeout is not working. Should I use a different library for W5500 (if yes, which one?)

Thanks, Jos

Did you use the UDP example provided by arduino?
If no, the first thing to do is check out the UDP send/recv example.
Also, please add this debug message your code.

Serial.print("Udp.beginPacket is ");Serial.println(Udp.beginPacket(ntpServer, ntpPort));
Serial.print("Udp.write is ");Serial.println(Udp.write(packetBuffer, NTP_PACKET_SIZE));
Serial.print("Udp.endPacket is ");Serial.println(Udp.endPacket());

If Udp.endPacket don’t return the value, you are running out of SRAM,that would cause corrupted variables.