Using WIZ140SR with Wiznet VSP


I have a problem using Wiznet VSP to communicate with a WIZ140SR on a Window 7 computer. I am able to set up the four serial ports on the WIZ140SR as a server with a static IP address and ports 5100, 5101,5102 and 5103. I can set up Wiznet VSP to create the four virtual serial ports, which I can connect to and use. But when I reboot the computer the virtual serial ports are not recreated. When I go into Wiznet VSP the ports are still shown but I cannot edit or change them. I have to delete the virtual serial ports in Wiznet VSP and recreate them for the computer to set them up again.

Is there a way to set up the virtual serial ports so they are recreated each time the computer is turned on?

Thank you,

Please check the “Eltima Serial To Ethernet Connector Service” is registered in the Windows Service.
If not, execute the “install.bat” file under “Program Files\WIZnet\WIZ VSP” folder with administrator privilege.
After service registration, make sure it’s property is “automatically start” and the status is “started”.

If above method is not working, register the "“Program Files\WIZnet\WIZ VSP\reboot_sec.bat” in the Windows Startup Program.

I have the same problem! The driver is registered and started.
After each restart all COM ports have disappeared in the device manager.
It is also not possible in the VSP to edit the connection.

Windows 7 Professional 32Bit SP 1
VSP 1.6.1