can anyone help me to send http command using io library ?

hi guys
i need to send http command to active or deactive relay , i’m using io Library wiznet

i could active or deactive gpio with button on UI webpage but i need when user enter the url link (http command) then gpio active…

how can i get value of url link?

foe example:

this is my url link to active gpio :

192 . 168 . 100 . 45 / gpioON

can i get “gpioON” string from url link and compare it ?

Hi, Eng.kourosh

Sorry, I am so late to check your question…

I think you need to use httpserver library for w5500 side and connect from web.

Then need to build web site, when you send url, the http body will send more data for gpio function. Or parsing url and control gpio.

Once you success http server(w5500) and http client(web), w5500 will get the url web sending.

Thank you

Hi Lawrence, thank you for responding

Can you help me to use httpserver for getting url and send command to gpio? Or simple example for that

I confused i don’t know what to do

Thank you