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SPI input to 5500 from a Microchip TC77?

Howdy. Cowboys and Cowgirls, and other Folks, I am working on my SPI input from a Microchip TC77, I would like to make this go into the 5500 since I need to measure the temperature on the chuck wagon. Not sure how yet? Any idea where this would go? And how to see it on the internet? Garbonzo want to win a CONTEST! Please help!

Your SPI capture file is not correct.
Can you post your SPI driver for W5500?

Thank you.

Thanks partner :mrgreen: , This is just a logic stream of data from the TC77, I dont have it plugged into the 5500 yet :confused: , not sure where the wires and data would go in the 5500? I know where the TC77 goes on the chuck wagon :unamused: .

The first 13 bits of the 0x0D 0xD7 represent 0000110111010 or decimal 442 which is multiplied times the TC77 resolution of 0,0625 deg C so its reading 27.625 deg C here on the ranch today. But thats what I want to go into the 5500 so I can read it on my internet. does that clear up what Garbanzo is trying to do?

Do you want to send the sensed data from TC77 to Internet using W5500?

What do you use MCU?

I don’t know what you ask.

Thank you.

I dont have MCU pic’ed out yet. :unamused: :unamused:

Thanks partner. :smiley:

How do you control W5500 & TC77?

W5500 & TC77 are all SPI-slave device… You need to have SPI-master as MCU.

Thank you.

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