no correct communication with cnc machine

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

we recently bought a WIZ110SR.

The problem is that we cannot establish proper communication between the PC and the CNC machine.

At first we also had difficulties setting up the “Virtual Serial Port”.

No COM port could be found in the device manager.

An interface could only be created with a third-party driver (Eltima Virtual Serial Port).

Data is being transferred, but the devices do not understand each other.

Bytes are received when a signal is output on the CNC machine.

The parameters are set correctly, we use the same software as when we are not using a VPS.

What could it be that there is no communication, assuming that the parameters are correct?

attached some pictures

Thank you very much

WIZ VPS1.pdf (249,3 KB)

Hello everybody!
I’ve come a little further.

I made the settings as shown in the pictures! (attached)

I can now transfer the program!

The only problem is …

Before that (without vps) I start the PC program transfer.
The pc went into waiting mode.
The transfer was triggered with the CNC machine.


Doesn’t that work.

I can only start the transfer if I set the machine to “receive data” and then start the transfer on the pc (and deactivate the setting to wait)


  1. After the transfer, the transfer does not stop on the machine.
    i have to pull the plug!

  2. I cannot receive any programs either!


I have to pull the plug directly on the machine.
Ethernet connector on the WIZ110SR module is useless.
Also, disconnecting the power from the WIZ110sr doesn’t help.

This is not necessary with the pc as a direct connection!

Is the RS232 on the module different on the pc?

or are certain data not forwarded by the module?

Does anyone know?

Many ThanksWIZ VPS Matra VTC 30.pdf (727,2 KB)