WizFi210 capabilities

Hi there,

I am thinking of using WizFi210 on my upcoming project but need to clarify few things and hoping that someone can answer my questions here.

  1. Can WizFi210 open 16 TCP clients when used in STA mode?
  2. When it’s in Soft AP mode, how many TCP server ports can it open simultaneously?
  3. When it’s in Soft AP mode, can it be a TCP client as well as TCP server?
  4. If WizFi210 can’t do the above, are there any other Wifi modules that can?
  5. Can the firmware for WizFi210 be upgraded over-the-air?



WizFi210 supports 8 sockets simultaneously.
So if the TCP server opened 3 ports. it is available 5 sockets for TCP Client.

Hi wizdaniel,

Thanks for your reply.
I have two questions for your reply.

  1. The datasheet and programmers guide states 16 sockets. Is this statement incorrect then?
  2. Can it open 3 tcp servers and 5 tcp clients regardless of the mode it’s in? (STA mode or soft AP mode)?