How to change WIZ107SR MAC?

We want to copy the WIZ107SR schematic and use the ‘standard’ WIZ107SR firmware in our own product, producing at least 1000 per year, each with its own unique MAC address. Everything seems easy except for the MAC address. Why is the “MC” command read only? How can we change the MAC address for our product? Thanks!

If you want to use the ‘WIZ107SR standard firmware’ and MAC address in your H/W, the ‘W7100-S2E’ chip is a good ways. ‘W7100-S2E’ is the W7100A chip solution that pre-programmed WIZ107SR standard firmware and unique MAC address.

  • Note
    The ‘WIZ107SR standard firmware’ in our website is only application part. it will not work alone.
    ‘WIZ107SR standard firmware full version’ (includes Boot code) is not offer. it’s WIZnet’s policy unfortunately.


Hello. Our company is evaluating the Wiznet line for a mix of new designs over Ethernet. Testing now the Wiziwiki-W7500P and after much trial and error, understand the details of the HW terminal program that is required to program the MAC address for the first time. Followed the example on the forum and now have applied a MAC ID using MC00:08:DC:AA:BB:CC$0d$0a as the send command.

Can we not change this stored MAC address again? Is OTP used?

Also, there are too many different websites and webpages linked to Wiznet that make it quite difficult to follow to run simple demo programs or to learn how to reflash the W7500P target. Now we have this information but why is the S2E Configuration tool crashing on W7 64 bit? Running by default (fonts are much larger than they should be so some of the information boxes are overlapping) → select the SEARCH button and the program crashes. This is the same result on 0.5.3 and 0.5.5 Beta.

Should we be able to run the S2E IP on our Wiziwiki-W7500P kit for testing?

Confused about the above postings - can we take your blank W7500P and using CMIS-DAP (SWD) interface → upload the S2E code from the WIZ750SR and create our Ethernet to Serial bridge? We must have full control to program the factory blank W7500P at any time. Please advise asap so we can understand if Wiznet is a valid solution for our company.