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How to communicate both WizFi250

Hi, I have been trying to connect a pair of WizFi250. One of them configured as Server (an access point) and the other one as a client (a station). Unfortunately they establish the connection during few seconds. I receive the following messages in the client terminal:

[Link-Down Event]
Joining : WizFi250_AP
Failed to join: WizFi250_AP
Joining : WizFi250_AP

[Link-Up Event]
IP Addr :
Gateway :
Successfully joined : WizFi250_AP


Somebody could help me with this? I wrote a lot of topcs in this forum but nobody answer my doubts. There are very little support :frowning:

When I received the WIZ750SR board, and I opened the WIZ750 Configuration tool, I was getting the MAC address to edit the IP address of the board. However after 2 days when I again was trying to configure the board from different location(and different IP address) to edit the Local IP of the WIZ board, I am not getting any MAC address when I clicked on the device search option menu…
I am attaching here my image of what all network configurations I checked, but in none of them it got detected and also the WIZ750 board is getting connected to the PC(via Ethernet RJ45) and the blue LED also is blinking on the WIZ750 board but not getting connected.
So can somebody please help me resolve this issue?
Thank you,
Best Regards,

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