W5500 - multiple packets in TX buffer (UDP)


I have a question regarding the W5500 TX buffer in UDP mode. Is the TX buffer designed for sending only one packet at a time or can I fill the TX buffer with multiple packets and the W5500 will send them out when it can?

One example of what I would like to do:

    1. set the destination IP, PORT for packet #1
    1. transfer the data to the W5500 TX FIFO for packet #1
    1. Issue a SEND command for packet #1 and wait for it to be cleared by the W5500 hardware.
    1. go back to step 1. (without waiting for the SEND_OK confirmation) and repeat the procedure for packet #2 and so on…

Is this possible? Does the W5500 know how to handle this situation? Or do I need to wait for the SEND_OK confirmation bit and only then begin the procedure of sending a new packet?


You need to wait for the SEND_OK.
Thank you.