How Do I Get DNS IP Address Using Serial Commands


I hope you can understand my question. I’ve tried to make this as simple and clear cut as I can. I need to get the DNS IP address assigned to my WIZFI630 module using serial commands. I am hardwired (via Ethernet cable) to my DSL router. My DSL router assigns to my WIZFI630 module a Primary DNS Server IP and a Secondary DNS Server IP. I am needing to obtain those assigned IP addresses using the serial port command interface provided by the WIZFI630 module. See below pics for specifics:



I send e-mail attached modified firmware to you.
In this firmware, If you use command, You can see DNS server of your DSL router.

Please check your e-mail and test about this issue using this firmware.

Hi Kaizen,

Yes, I did get your email with attachment. I’ll give it a try and let you know how it works. Thank you!!!


Firmware update worked out nicely and the command functions perfectly. Thanks!