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عدم تشخیص قطع ارتباط توسط w5500

سلام.من w5500 را بعنوان یک سرور پیکربندی کرده ام و از طریق یک کلاینت به ان متصل میشوم .مشگل من این هست که در صورت قطع کابل شبکه ,w5500 قادر به تشخیص ان نیست و در حالت stablished می ماند …لطفا راهنمایی کنید

Could you ask the question again using English, please?

I configured socket number 2 of w5500 as tcp/ip server and connected with a windows client to it. The connection is well established and it works well. However when the session is disconnected for every reason such as cable disconnecting, w5500 can not recognize it and the connection remains established. Therefore server can not understand the connection request of client again. i would highly appreciate you if you help me solve this problem

I think you posed the same question one more time. Please refer to the answer link.

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