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Wiz550 Power draw?

Hi - I’m considering using a Wiz550Web, but I can’t seem to find the max power supply current (worst case currents of the VDD, VDDA, VBAT pins). I need this information in order to size the power supply for this device.

Could you point me to, or provide, the max 3.3V current used by this device?



I think you want to need this information as below, is it right?

HW reference link : https://wizwiki.net/wiki/doku.php/products:wiz550web:wiz550webds_rev1.1_kr

Please let me know if there is not enough content for the information you want.

Thanks Irina – but no, you’ll notice there are no currents specified for VDD or VDDA, only voltages. Currents are shown for VIO, but not for the 3.3V supply pins.



An example of what I’m looking for can be found in the WIZ220 user’s manual:

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