wiz125sr error?

I am trying to reconfigure wiz125sr and when I click on Mac address from ‘board list’ and I get this error: Invalid parameter’s values. I cannot seem to get it configured. Help?

Could you post a captured image of your PC display on the website?

Here it is. Thanks for looking into this.

I am curious to know what’s your thoughts are on the picture I posted recently. Does it tell you anything? Last week, I bought another wiz125sr and I only able to configure the setting once and now I don’t see it on the board list anymore. I am puzzled as if I can’t make 2 of them to work again. Must be something that I didn’t do right? Is there other way to configure it? Help?

Sorry, irina is on vacation and the reply was late.
There seems to be a problem just because the UART setting is speed. Hope to set the rest of the areas as well.

It doesn’t matter how I set the configuration. It just doesn’t save the changes when I pressed ‘Setting’ button. Other device, I couldn’t see it online for some reason.

I think what happen is that I set the configuration from TCP to UDP and now it has disappeared from list. Is there a way I can change it back to TCP?