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Particularly in TOE module, can I simulate the working of WZTOE with my sample code? First I want to configure two sockets. I will send data from socket 0 and loop back the converted ethernet frame to socket 1 and verify the data here. Could you please tell me how to loop back the ethernet frame?
I regret that I am unaware of this module and reference manual doesn’t explain anything. I want to learn this and I have necessary hardware for emulation. But I don’t have an evaluation board.

Please help me on this. This means a lot for me.

Is the ethernet frame you want to receive the same as above?
First of all, the action you are trying to do is not simple.
To receive an Ethernet frame, a socket must be opened in macraw mode. In the case of macraw mode, only socket 0 can be opened.
It is possible to transmit UDP data from socket 1 to socket 0, but the purpose of the operation you are trying to do is not understood.

For an ethernet example of w7500, please refer to the repository below.

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