I have problem when login, need help

I build board of wizfi220 and work fine…respond to AT command… include AT+WS for scan all wifi SSID. but i have problem when i want to login into SSID “FLOATWAY”

BSSID SSID Channel Type RSSI Security
64:70:02:ea:fa:65, @wifi.id , 01, INFRA , -87 , NONE
64:70:02:ea:fa:64, FLOATWAY , 01, INFRA , -86 , WPA2-PERSONAL
64:70:02:ea:fa:66, Groovia@FA64 , 01, INFRA , -87 , WPA2-PERSONAL
No.Of AP Found:3

this network use WPA2 PSK key — bluetester

please tell how to login into FLOATWAY(SSID) with AT command. looks like IP address automaticaly give from server. looks like its need lot AT command.

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Gunawan Sinariadi


If you want to connect to AP, you can use AT Command as below.

For more information, Refer to WizFi210 Programers Guide.

sori my boss want this wizfi220 login into FLOATWAY and send data to html server. your example login into WizfidemoAPP. He want me to send data into same SSID that he use to connect into internet.


Gunawan Sinariadi


If you want to send data to HTML server, refer to this document.