[Notice]Latest FW and Configuration Tool

Latest FW : Rev 1.6.4
[ul]Bug fix about serial data corruption with data from ethernet[/ul]

Previous FW : Rev 1.6.3
[ul]Telnet mode is added
Bug fix with Data packing condition ‘Size’[/ul]

Latest Configuration Tool : Ver 1.7
[ul]Selection for Telnet mode and raw mode is added[/ul]


We released the latest firmware and configuration tool of WIZ14xSR unofficially.
According to our official release process, WIZnet will post these on our website(wiznet.co.kr) later.

Please use this for your internal test and evaluation freely.

Thank you.
WIZ140v1_6_4_140930.zip (25.2 KB)
WIZ140v1_6_3_140422_2.zip (25 KB)
WIZ14xSRConfig_Rev1_7.zip (1000 KB)