When Do Settings Changes Become Active?


I’m adjusting my server IP address, protocol and port in a serial port periodically (i.e. every 5 seconds) to check a server for information. When do these settings apply to the system after I change them? Do I need to perform a restart or save for the changed settings to apply. Are all settings stored in flash? If so, then I cannot alter them frequently as the flash will fail soon.

Also, what are the connection options in serial port settings for: (e.g. System BootUp or Serial Data In)? Do I need to change that setting to Serial Data In?



If you want to restore setting value after rebooting module, you have to perform Flash Write Command.
But you don’t need to restart and write setting value to flash in order to connect to TCP server.
So I think you don’t need to perform flash write command every TCP connection.

System BootUp : You can connect to TCP server when System Bootup or timeout of .
Serial Data In : You can connect to TCP server when input serial data.

I think settings don’t work until the module is rebooted. I’ve tried using the connection as System Boot, Serial Data In and On Demand but there is no effect. What I need to do is this:

  1. Get the DNS Server IP - successful
  2. Set Serial Port 1 Server IP to DNS Server IP - successful
  3. Set Serial Port 1 Port to 53 for DNS - successful
  4. Set Serial Port 1 Protocol to UDP - successful
  5. Send DNS query - unsuccessful, fails, gets no response from anywhere, times out.

If those same DNS settings are SAVED to Flash memory and the module is REBOOTED the DNS query works (Is Successful) and I get a response.

So…changing Serial Port 1 settings DO NOT apply to the module UNLESS a reboot on the module is done. If I save to flash every 5 seconds to do a DNS request, because after I do the DNS query I change back over to TCP and do an HTTP GET request of a different server, then the WIZFI630 module will be unusable in less than 6 hours assuming your Flash memory has a limit of 10,000 writes.

Am I missing something here on how to apply the settings without saving to Flash every time?