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WIZ550io Ping Not Working

I have a cable modem that supplies my internet connect. It has 4 ethernet ports on it. When I plug my WIZ550io into one of the ethernet ports, I am unable to see or ping the WIZNET5500. My PC is also plugged into one of the ports and works fine.

The WIZ550io module is working fine and I am able to reset the chip, read the version number and read the default IP of so the chip appears to be functioning properly. I had this same arrangement working on another cable modem just two days ago, but unfortunately that modem is in another state 1000 miles away for me to try it again.

I’ve tried using a crossover cable, and a separate router with no success. When I do a netstat -a -o -n in the Windows 7 cmd window I can’t see the IP.

I am stuck on how to proceed. Any ideas???

For WIZ550io validation,
You’d better connect WIZ550io to PC directly without the cable modem.
and then try to ping test after configuring your PC’s IP to 192.168.1.XXX.

Thank you.

What do yo mean by “configuring your PC IP to 192.168.1.xxx”? How do I do that? And do I need a crossover ethernet cable to connect up with?


About configuration IP, refer to http://wizwiki.net/wiki/doku.php?id=osh:cookie:ip_conf_b.

If a peer device do not support Auto MDI/MDIX, You should be used with cross-cable for connection.
But in normal case, most peer devices supports Auto MDI/MDIX, You can use either direct or cross-cable.

If you connect WIZ550io directly(1-to-1) with Your PC, You’d better use the cross-cable.

After connection, check the Link Green LED(Left-side) of WIZ550io turn on.
And then, After configuration your PC IP to 192.168.1.xxx, ping test using dos-command prompt.

Thank you.

Thanks for you reply. But once again you state that I should “configure your PC to 192.168.1.xxx”. What does this mean?

By the way, the yellow light is on solid and the green light blinks every once in a while.


In order to do ping between two devices, IP addresses of two devices should be matched.
The default IP address of WIZ550io is a virtual one, not real one.
So you have to change IP address of its peer system like your PC with the matched one.
As the default IP of WIZ550io is and its subnet mask is, you must set your PC’s IP with preceding 3 bytes same to IP of WIZ550io and different last one.

“Configure your PC to 192.168.1.xxx”, which midnightcow wrote, means above.

If you want to test WIZ550io under your real network environment with real IP address, then you can set it up with real IP address. But for this, you should do coding for your mcu to change its IP address with real IP.


Thanks for the explanation. I couldn’t figure out how to change my PC IP address (assigned via DHCP and router), but I changed the IP of the WIZ55io to have the first three bytes match my PC and things worked perfectly.

Is there a simple explanation of how to change the PCs IP in WIN 7 that you can point to?

Thanks again. Problem Solved!

Here, Youtube movie!!!

Thank you.

I have bought 4 Wizwiki-w7500p… none of them worked ok with ethernet.
Eventhough all of them are working OK, I can use drag and drop, keil and so to test anything in the hardware… nothing about ethernet seems to work

  • TCP CLIENT does not work
  • Inside keil, I tried manually to activate PING BLOCK in Mode Register @0x46002300(= 0x10) and it does not become “10”, but if I try with Reset bit: @0x46002300(= 0x80) it does reset the chip.
    So, my conclusion is that W7500P is not really working good yet. I am really sad about that, because it seemed to be an amazing chip with 32bit arm + Ethernet… but nothing seem to work.
    I would like to know if someone could test succesfully WIZWIKY-W7500P on ethernet … I have bought it on Mouser last month and this month.
    On the other hand, I have tested W5500 with optimum results, so I know how to do the tests, I am not new on this.
    I hope some could say something about a good ethernet experience on W7500P or Wizwiki-w7500p.


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