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To Whom it may concern I have bought two serial to Ethernet unit and I
need some help with the setup.

The unit that I have are WIZ108SR-EVB.

I am doing the following:-

  1. is the RS485 keyboard which has one of the unit connected to it.
  2. is the video matrix that has the other unit connected to it.

It show connected on the status but no communication.

If there’s any one that could help me it would be much appreciated.

Please can you message me or send me help over email’s

Kind Regards

Rajesh Patel

Due to our company policy, we provide technical support through forums rather than email.
Also, in the case of wiz108SR, the firmware is no longer being updated, so technical support may not be fast.

Please simply answer the following information

  1. Wiz108sr operation mode: TCP client, TCP Server, UDP
  2. Simple connection diagram
  3. Check if the search operation is possible using the configuration tool.