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Possible to use W5500 as a high-seed differential COM ?

I’m designing a circuit which requires dual RS422 for full-duplex COM.

It seems to me that if the W5500 allowed me to send data (point-to-point) without regard to any internet headers or protocols, I could use this chip instead of the RS422 parts.

I realize it will preamble with a MAC and add a checksum, but as long as it doesn’t force any restrictions on the payload between the MAC and the FCS I can use it.

I’m assuming I’d use MACRAW and socket buffer 0.

Is this possible?

Another question: is it possible to force the W5500 to send only the MACs and FCS?

No packet. Just the MACs and the FCS.

If the transmit length is zero, in MACRAW mode, will the W5500 send only the MACs and the FCS?

Or, is there ANY way to have the W5500 send just my data without MACs?

My configuration is two W5500 connected with a cross-over. No networks. Just using them for communcation between two W5500s.

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