Assigning different ports to UARTs


I have been working on this fo awhile now. My problem is I need to assign seperate port numbers to each UART (port 5000 to UART0 and port 5001 to UART1) to essentialy have 2 streams of data on the same ip. I havent found any examples of this online and my eyes are glazing over trying to modify the example code to get this to work. The purpose of this is to replace a Lantronix device that has recently went EOL. Any ideas or does anyone know if this is even posible to do with the wiz7500p chip?

More explanation is needed on what it means to allocate port5000 to UART. Are you referring to the Serial to Ethernet function? I need more explanation about which product of Lantronix device you are using. In case of Serial to Ethernet, we have a product called WIZ750SR.

This is the Lantronix device we are trying to replace Xport AR Embedded CPU Module | Lantronix .
Yes we are trying to use the serial to ethernet functionality, we currently are using the WIZ750SR for testing. We need to be able to send 2 data streams over one phisical port (map lets say to UART0 and to UART1).

Not sure if you’ve seen it, but I think the WIZ752SR-125 does exactly what you’re looking to do. If you check the Wiki: , you can see their config tool supports multiple ports on the S2E, and by default is 5000 for UART0 and 5001 for UART1.

That uses the W7500 (not W7500P) - I’m not sure if they’re 100% firmware compatible to load the WIZ752SR firmware to the W7500P chip, but if not, maybe you can at least check their github for the source ( GitHub - Wiznet/WIZ752SR-12x: WIZ752SR-12x Series is 2-port serial to Ethernet converting module using the W7500 Ethernet MCU with External PHY. ) to see what they did.