W5300 Hardware Test

I’ve designed a board with W5300, I want to know that is the designed hardware OK or not.
I done some Steps but I think I have problems…

I connected a cross over cable to Ethernet socket and connected it directly to my PC and set PC Ethernet Speed on 100Mbps Full duplex mode
Testing Read and write on register is OK,but yet No completed firmware is loaded…

My problem is that LINK LED is always off, should it be ON or not?
if it is a problem please help me to do step by step Hardware test.
Very thanks

LINK LED will turn on when ethernet calbe is inserting to RJ45 jack of W5300 after power-up.

If Link Led is always turn off, Your system have some hardware problem.


  1. Schematic
  2. Assemble Parts & values
  3. Power
  4. Reset signal
  5. Clock (25MHz)

Thank you.

very thanks,
I had mistake on Rset value and now by changing it to correct value my problem is solved.

I’m glad to solve your problem.

Thank you.