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Connecting to wiz108SR (server)


I’m using a Wiz108SR that is configured as a TCP server with an IP address and Port 5000.
On one side it is directly connected to my computer which needs to send data over the Wiz108SR to a display unit that uses RS485.
Searching for the device on UDP broadcast mode, I can discover it however ipconfig gives me a different ip for the LAN/Ethernet connection

I’m trying to open a socket at the above mentioned IP and port from Python but the connection always times out.

Please advise

Please check the following list.

  1. check the IP address of PC (192.168.11.xxx)
  2. enabled firewall(-> you should turn off )
  3. chec the network packet using wireshark tool(freeware)
  4. The PC should attempt to connect to WIZ107SR (port number 5000 and IP as a TCP client

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