WIZ14xSR Configuration tool


I have a setup with 5 WIZ140SR and they are all configured using different PC and working. They are connected to the network and I can talk to them using PuTTy or other tool BUT …

When using another PC with the Config Tool, the Config Tool sees no board or gets no MAC address.

I tried re-installing: just me, all users, run as administrator, install in different directory …

The .NET is installed (although with newer version).

What would be the reason the tool does not see the boards BUT the VSP and other tools can connect to them.


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Is it on the same network of PC and module?
For example, when the PC IP is, is the module IP (192.168.11.xx)?

Please check the network environment first.

yes, they are on the same network since the VSP can talk to them + when I use PuTTy, I can talk to them … it is only the configurator that cannot talk to them. Could this be a .NET issue. I have the item installed…

Or something else that it needs.


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Could you please check the network packet using wireshark tool(freeware)?
I want to confirm your network status.

If the configuration tool is OK. you can see the configuration tool send the packet using wireshark.
Also if you upload the packet, I wiil check it. The file extension name of the captured packet will be .pcapng