Device selection guide

Dear Sir/Mam,

We are looking to use W5500 to support wired Ethernet functionality in our product with below feature.

  1. HTTP Web Server
  2. HTTPS POST method to upload data to server
  3. SMTP with SSL (Need to login in Gmail/Yahoo e-mail ID and need to send mail from there)
  4. SMTP with file attachment
  5. I have to read data from server which is approx. 50Kb and your device W5500 have max 32Kb size, So to read all 50Kb Data in one go is not possible so is there flow control functionality available in W5500 or any another IC. So, that I read first 10K bytes process it and again read 10K and so on….

Please, provide us example for all above points so that I can go through it and it will speed up my development.

Right now I have Wiznet W5500-EVB, if above requirement not suite in W5500 then please suggest some other Part/Evaluation board on which i can get all above points.

Only the TCP Stack is supported by the w5500.
HTTP server, SMTP, SSL, etc. have to be coded.
We can give you HTTP Sever and TLS examples. But there is no SMTP example, and you have to do the merging.