Wizfi360 SPI

Hello, is there more Information about SPI Mode such Status Bytes?

Regards Sascha


I’ve come a little further. Sending commands and reading status is possible. However, I have the problem that the INT pin stays low.
After reading a little in the forum, I have now changed the program so far:

  1. Read RX data frame data up to INT high
  2. Wait until INT low
  3. Read RX data frame data up to INT high
    The actual communication can now take place. The firmware is V1.1.1.7.
    Is there still a new firmware coming? This workaround isn’t really practical. It currently takes almost four seconds before the actual communication can be started.

Or are there other possibilities or new insights?

Greetings Sascha


V1.1.1.7 next version will be released, but there are no SPI related fixes.

I will check this problem, and if there is any update related to SPI, I will tell you.

Best regards.