WIZ750SR-100 second socket refused


WIZ750SR-100 is refusing a second TCP connection and it is suposed to allow 8 sockets.
Do you have any hint about what could be happening?

I get TCP connection error :10061 = No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it.

Thanks in advance

Device information: type=WIZ750SR-1xx and Version=1.2.4
Operation mode=TCP server and local port=5000

All wiznet S2E product communicate the 1:1 when TCP protocol operate. If it connect to device(PC or another device), it can’t connect to wiz750sr-100 before TCP disconnect

Thanks for the answer.
Does it mean that multisocket is possible when UDP mode?
Would it be possible to open 2 UDP sockets from two different PC and read the serial data from two different PC?


I think you are half correct and half not.
It is possible to connect UDP socket from two different PC but it is impossible to read the serial data from two different PC.

Please refer to document as below