"NC" pins on module; HW Design Guide


according to the Hardware Design Guide (page 6, 8) pins 14, 16 and 43-46 are NC pins. But according to the schematic on page 12 and visual inspection of the evaluation board, pins 43-46 are directly connected to GND. On the module itself they also appear to be connected to GND. So is there any reason behind classifying them as NC?

Are there any other documents pertaining to Hardware Design with the WizFi630? For example information regarding the required pulse transformer and the “special” PCIe socket which doesn’t collide with the SDRAM chip or the capacitor on the bottom of the module are certainly missing in the Hardware Design Guide. While this information can be gleaned from the ethernet socket datasheet and the evaluation board it would be good to have an official source/document.

Hello ChrHa

You don’t need to connect pins 43~46 to ground, you can ignore the EVB-schematic.