Arduino Ethernet Library


I use Arduino IDE 1.5.5-r2 and I got an ioshield-A in the mail yesterday.
I downloaded the WIZ Ethernet Library from the GitHub and tried to follow the instructions…
But I don’t know if I do it right?

[quote]Arduino IDE 1.5.x

Download all files and overwrite the souce and utility folder to the "\libraries\Ethernet\examples" folder.[/quote]
Do you mean in the “Libraries\Ethernet” folder?
And there are 2 utility folders, one in ethernet\ and one in ethernet\src. Witch one?

2. Select device: W5100, W5200 or W5500

In the W5100.h file(\libraries\Ethernet\utility\w5100.h), uncomment the device(shield) you want to use.[/quote]
This implies that you overwrite the ethernet\utility i guess?

And there are no examples in Arduino IDE 1.5.x. Is this correct?

I updated the explanation and changed the file.
It should be [quote]Download all files and replace the “\libraries\Ethernet\src” folder. This will update the “utility” folder under “\libraries\Ethernet\src”.
Then you can use existing examples.

Thanks for your feedback. :smiley: