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WIZ145SR getting stuck (FW 1.7.0)

Hey guys!

I’m trying to evaluate the communication capabilities of two WIZ145SR. They are configured to talk to each other with each channel mapped to the other ones corresponding channel. To give an example, here’s the configuration of the server module’s first channel:

I’m connecting to the uart ports with two USB-TTL adapters, which are each opened in an instance of hterm. When I send data via the first instance of hterm it shows in the other one and vice versa. This works for short manually typed strings as well as small text files (e.g. 2 KB). However, if I send small text files repeatedly or even larger text files (e.g. 8 KB) I get unexpected behaviour. With CTS/RTS enabled, the transfer gets stuck every time. When CTS/RTS is disabled, it doesn’t get stuck on the sender side, but the receiving side is missing a lot of data.

I can understand the shown behaviour with flowcontrol disabled. But with CTS/RTS enabled, shouldn’t it resume the transfer periodically? To me this seems like some kind of buffer problem. Interestingly, if I cancel the file transfer when it’s stuck and then send some small amounts of data from the other module, I can then send data from the previously stuck module again.

Please let me know how I can get the modules to behave reliably with or without flowcontrol at 115200 baud.



EDIT: typos.

Here’s the client configuration as well:

And a picture of the stuck file transfer in hterm:

WIZ145SR stuck

Would anyone pls bother to respond?

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