WIZ14xSR Packet Delay(FW 1.7.0)

I observed that if the module has channel settings: tcp client, port, ip, and the client not connected,
the module makes 1s delay on another port.
And If the module have more port that is not connected, it is make more delay.
So If the module have 3 configured ports, and 2 client port not connected, the first port has 2-3 sec communication delay.
HW: WIZ140SR (FW 1.7.0)
This is a big enough problem for us.

Please help for found solution.

Hi rpp,
Is delay all problem that you have?


Yes, But this is a very big problem for us. Can you help to solve it ?

Any solution ?
It’s been a month and we don’t get a solution.

UP !!