How to Change Mode WIZ110SR concept

I m reading manual in Wiz110SR about WIZnet S2E (Serial-to-Ethernet) Device’s Configuration Tool Programming
Guide Rev 0.3.0, and i read in datasheet that “if want to make you own configuration program, please contact wiznet to get more detailed information for programming”.

i want to ask about Feature “Search”, i read that Search using UDP Broadcast and use Port 1460, its mean that, on board also must set in Udp Mode and set port 1460, right? but how to auto set on board like in wiz110sr.

ex: i set board as TCP Server, and i set port is 5000, so that i can connect my application in TCP Server Mode. but when i connected it to wiznet config tool and click Search, board auto send respon, even though i set the board act as tcp server. can u give me reference, how mcu can auto change and auto detection mode.


Because the source code of WIZ110SR is not disclosed, it is difficult to explain it due to company policy.
However, the source code of WIZ750SR is open source.
The serial command is different, but the concept is the same.
If you check the code, I think that what you were curious about will be solved.

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may thanks for reference…i will learn it…