W5500 MISO Signal Attenuated

I am having trouble with my W5500 circuit.
The clock, CSn, MOSI (Shown as channel 2) look great but MISO (shown as channel 1) is coupling with the CLK and is severely attenuated. I connected a 560pF cap from MISO to GND to reduce the coupling but the attenuation hasn’t changed. The net looks clean, no shorts to others.


When I cut the trace to the Nordic nRF the signal doesn’t change.
Changing the SPI transmission speed makes no difference.

Any ideas?


Please show me the schematic for verification

Sorry but the image you posted looks blurry.
So I can’t understand the schematic you posted.

504-P10003 Rev A Schematic.pdf (447.8 KB)

I’ve looked through a lot of stuff, but I couldn’t find a problem with the SPI circuit.
And there was no SPI-related issue that W5500 inquired about.
Sorry for not being of any help.