W5200 Hardware Fault finding


I’ve put together a new circuit that uses the W5200 and am trying to get it started and communicating, but failing.

Is there an indicator, signal pin or a set of diagnostics that I can use to determin if the chip is actually starting up correctly on power up and after a hardware reset. The only indication I can see is that the Crystal is Oscillating at 25Mhz as expected. The 1v8 output is active.

I’ve tried the same program connected to a Wiz810IO successfully so know that the program works.

The circuit is based on the Wiz810IO schematic.


Did you see the link signal or led after power-up?
Why did you refer to WIZ810io based on W5100 when you designed W5200.
W5100 is different from W5200. W5200 have the different interal PHY from W5100.

We provided the reference W5200 schematics on our homepage ([url]http://www.wiznet.co.kr/UpLoad_Files/ReferenceFiles/w5200e01-m3_rev1.1.pdf[/url])

Thank you.

Sorry Typo. I Ment the WIZ820IO.

No link LED on powerup. Should these power on on power up?


Link LED turns on when ethernet line is connected while power-on.

If Link led didn’t turn on, check the follows.

  1. Ethernet cable spec (UTP-CAT5 and Color line matching)
  2. The schematic b/w W5200 and MAG-JACK(RJ45 with transformer)
  3. Check the part and its value to be right or not.
  4. Check the assemble status.
  5. Test another device

Thank you.