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w5500 no PHY


I am designing a custom POE Ethernet board using w5500. The connections with the mcu are working fine. I can read and write to w5500 with SPI.
Here are the schematics and PCB
Schematics.pdf (139.7 KB)
PCB.pdf (158.6 KB)

I am using the wiznet io driver. After init when I read the PHYCFGR I get 0xBA
If I try to manually set the mode, I can see the PHYCFGR bits are properly set.
The Duplex Status and Speed Status bits are also set to what I set manually. But the link bit is always 0. I have tried all combinations of OPMDC with no luck

From the schematics, only changes I made was,

  • I didnt have a 22uF cap (C1) so I added 2 10uF caps in parallel
  • I didnt have any ferrite bead with me, so for L1, I got one off of an Arduino ethernet board. resistance measured 30Ohms on that one

On the switch, I can see port LED pulsing.
Does anyone see any obvious mistakes I have made with the design?
The POE part is working as expected.
The RJ45 jack is HY931147C from Hanrun with magnetics.
I do not have any damping resistors. The 49R9 are 1%, 12.4K resistor is also 1%
Thank you in advance

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