How to use ioLibrary with Simulink?

Hi, I have a W5500 chip connect to my NXP S32K148 by SPI. I only need to send data out and not receive. I have a block to transmit SPI data on the master, what would be the best way to add this into my Simulink model so I can send data out onto ethernet?


Hi matt,

W5500 has one 16KB TX memory for Socket n TX Buffer Blocks and one 16KB RX memory for Socket n RX buffer Blocks. 16KB TX memory is initially allocated in 2KB size for each Socket TX Buffer Block.

Thank you.

Hi, I only need to send 400 bytes of data every 100ms so I guess I only need to use 1 socket Tx buffer as that is 2K? Do I pack the buffer at 100ms then send SEND command, clear the buffer then repeat every 100ms?

Yes, 400bytes are sufficient to transmit to 1 socket.

Thank you.

thanks my issue has been fixed.