I need some help for the responce

Now, the firmware of my project is at state : can read the packet and answer it.
I have 1 question and one mmm… . trouble with the laptop.
question: I initalize module with ip port 9090 and → TCP->listen->
I get the first packet with the Get / and I answer it. The question is : after the end of page what actions I have to do to be into LISTEN again for the next client ?
Now, I sent a Disconect command as the last one of the communication.

with the PC (windows xp)
I don’t know why Firefox doesn’t recognize the meta tag and shows the Html code as string. People on the web answers the same question and they tell that html must have the <meta …> IE as I read on the web ignors the meta and treat all as html and with IE the page is dispayed , OK.
with laptop (windows xp)
firefox and IE can’t dispaley the page. (
I can see the green led to flash as I press enter. With wireshark (capture file is attacked) I can see that the project-module responces and send the page
firefox respones with “problem to load the page” Try again (button)
anemomtro.pcapng.txt (3.92 KB)

This is the wireshark file with IE
anemomet_with_IE.pcapng.txt (4.42 KB)

I suspect that somthing is missing at the end of procedure, that somthing must be send to firefox to terminate the conversation !

I found what is missing. The header of the html page

HTTP/1.1 200 OK\n Content-type:text/html; \n\n . . . . . .

THIS leads all browsers to treat packets as html page

if you
HTTP/1.1 200 OK\n Content-type:text/plain; \n\n…
the browser will treat the packet as text