Usage of Interrupts

Regarding INT there are some Posts. The major user use polling mode. That’s not
usable for event driven systems like FREERTOS etc.

I have read the discussion according to the INT handling in this Forum and in the WEB.
Yes I have read your application note How to use Interrupt.
So now my questions, because there are some discrepancy in the answers.

  1. All INT’s from the sockets (if enabled) will be routed to the common register IR and IMR and
    be merged like a “wired NOR gate” and generate the INT output. Is that correct?
    As becky from your team says it is meaningless to write a 0x00 to the common IR registers to clear the INT’s. But why we can write to the register?

  2. The most important part is the Sn_IR register. According to your datasheet this register is read only. Becky wrote that to clear a interrupt we have to write a 1 to the bit to clear the according int.
    But whats happened to write when this register is read only.
    Some other note that the receive int will only be cleared if the buffer is read.

So whats the correct procedure???

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I’m stuck in this same problem. I will keep an eye on this thread.