Format problem of W5300 UDP receive buffer

DSP controls w5300 communicating with PC, UDP protocol, 16 bit data bus.
W5300 send data to PC is OK, but there are some problems with w5300 receive data.
PC IP : : C0.A8.15.13 ), UDP port : 6000
W5300 IP : ; UDP port : 6000
PC Send buffer: tx[10] = {0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9};
W5300 receive data by INTERRUPT mode. The following figure is get in function : recvfrom()
In the figure, the format of W5300’s receive buffer is incorrect, both the PACKT-INFO and PACKET-DATA.
I have insert getMR() between sendto() and recvfrom(), but the result is all the same as the figure.
How can I resolve it ?

I’m sorry I have no experience on DSP.

I wonder How to save 8bit & 16bit data into data memory?

According to your captured image, It seems to like expand 16bit to 32bit data.

Will be data saved into as the follow?
rx[0] : 0x0001
rx[1] : 0x0203 ← Not 0x0000
rx[2] : 0x0405
rx[3] : 0x0607 <—Not 0x0000

Anyway, I don’t understand why data is saved into memory such that.

Thank you.

Thanks for you replay!
There are something wrong with ip ddress, port number and read buffer routine. Moidify it, all the best