WizFi250 TCP Server station mode , only one TCP client?

TCP-Server running in station mode (STA)

Power On

Platform BCMUSI11 initialised
Started ThreadX v5.5
Initialising NetX v5.6
Creating Packet pools
Starting Wiced v2.4.0
WWD SDIO interface initialised
WLAN MAC Address : 00:08:AC:00:00:00
WizFi250 Version (WIZnet Co.Ltd)
Joining : NETGEAR24
Successfully joined : NETGEAR24
Successfully joined : NETGEAR24

[Link-Up Event]
IP Addr :
Gateway :
Start Web Server in Station Mode

FW version/HW version Rev 1.0



One TCP Client works OK.
Next TCP client can not connect to the succesful servers.Socket error: 10060
WizFi250 can simultaneously connect to with several TCP Client ??
Popular TLN13UA06 in TCP Server mode STA easily connects to four TCP client and works longer than a few months stable. Whether wizfi250 has this problem?

Yes, as you said, I’m afraid that support just one TCP Client, unlike WizFi210.

And, I’m not sure when it is supported.

Thank you for answer

I am worried because I already bought a few pieces WizFi250-H. Read about the purchase of this module … and I quote … WizFi250 Programmer’s Guide in the section
Example of Multi … Socket Connection … This section explains how to use <Multi Socket Connection …
[color=#0000FF]WizFi250 can use up to 8 TCP or UDP sockets. !! [/color]

…[color=#FF0000]support just one TCP Client[/color]…severely limits the use of

Thanks and best regards

Hello wizfan

Regarding the TCP Server multi connection, I sent the new F/W which supports the feature.

Please, check your email.

What firmvare version supports the feature (TCP Server multi connection)?
Is the latest version of the software supports this functionality?

Best regards

Hello TeleVox

No, general f/w doesn’t support TCP server multi connection.
To support it, it needs s/w customizing.


I would like the same functionality. Multiple client connection for one tcp server. how can i download this customized firmware? or is it possible to customize for myself?

Best Regards:

Hello Gergely

For now, there is no way to do that.
Sorry for that.


dear sekim,

i’m too, looking for such feature !
is it now available with fw ?

if not, may we expect it soon ?

thanks, regards

Hello Phil

You can ignore the description that is beta. is most stable and latest version.

And you can download right now.
Please refer to the below link.

Regards, Steve


yes understood that is considered as stable !..
i try it since 2 days and seem working as expected.
with the same issue that explain here : [url]TCP server and UDP client enable]
but i don’t know if this problem come from my code or not !?

what i ask here, is can we expect this feature “Multiple client connection for one tcp server” soon ?

thanks, regards

Hi phil

You can make Multiple client connection for one TCP server.
but WizFi250 should be open the socket as number of clients.

wizwiki.net/wiki/doku.php?id=pro … connection


what i ask is : “how much PC (web client) can connect to a single WIZFI250 module” ?

by example :
i open a TCP server on my WIZFI250, on IP = (local IP)
if i open a browser from a first PC, then he successful navigate to the web site.
i i open a second web browser, from another PC of the LAN, then this one can’t access to the WIZFI module simultaneously !

or if i open the right port of my ADSL box, i can successful navigate with my external IP to the WIZFI module … but then i can’t access simultaneously from a local PC !..

only 1 client can connect to the wizfi server … same problem as original “Wizfan” post …
you say [quote]“You can make Multiple client connection for one TCP server. but WizFi250 should be open the socket as number of clients.”[/quote]
but i don’t know how much client will be open in same time !.. and i can’t “open a socket” for a each one !

thanks to clarify !


Because just one socket was opened on WizFi250, Please refer to the guide of WizFi250 at wizwiki.net as i said.

If Just one socket was opened as a Server, Just one Client can connect to the server at the same time.
So, If you want to build the 3 TCP server and 1 UDP server, You have to open the 4 socket as 3 TSN and 1 USN like below.





i do not want multiple TCP server !!!

i want multiple PC connect to 1 TCP server !

let say

WIZFI250 as TCP server on192.168.0.100:1000
ADSL box external IP : / port 1000 right open and routed to the wizfi250

PC1 web browser to ==> working right

PC2 web browser to ==> working right

it work ONLY if 1 PC is connected …
booth PC at same time, only first that make connection, is working !

my issue is about "multiple client to a single TCP server " !.. as the first post of this thread and seekim reply next …



Multiple TCP server is one solution for multiple connection.
Because WizFi250 can support 1 connection per 1 socket.



i don’t think that it is a real solution !..
you don’t know how many client will be connected … 2 ??.. 3 ?..
what if you need the others socket than the TCPserver !.. my application require 3 UDP socket and 1 TCPserver …
so i have 4 free sockets … how i do if my user use more than 5 clients !..?

what is the “patched” firmware version that ssekim provide on 4th post reply (Postby ssekim » Mon Jun 02, 2014 2:46 am ) ?
why we can’t use it on official fw release ?

thanks, regards


Multiple connection(many clients connect to 1 socket at the same time) is not supported in spite of Official firmware.
So, You have to close the socket when a client request ends.
Then you have to open the new sockets for other clients.


i understand that multiple client to a TCP server is not officially supported as it is more or less write .
OK !

what i don’t understand is why user Wizfan receive a patched fw from ssekim !
that mean that the WIZFI250 module can support this feature !..
this will really great full if you officially add this support in the 250 module !!! ?

in the mid time, is that possible to try this not official release from ssekim ?

thanks, regards


I ask of you, do not misconstrue.
It is sure that WizFi250 can not support multiple connection.