W5200 not for new design, now what ?

i use W5200 in a design, I am very happy about it, i got all software working good and stable,
what is recommended today ? for a design update ?
and for a new design ?
preferred as mush as possible software compatible ?

PS: if possible, i would LOVE to have two ethernet ports
(the W5200 is only one port, and then i need to add a 3 port switch, to get my two user ports)

Hi, nice to meet you.

I’m glad that you’re using W5200 well.

Many customers purchase the W5500 from WIZnet. I recommend that.

Thank you

thanks a lot for getting back Louis.
BUT the W5500 is impossible to purchase, no stock anywhere, how to solve that ?
we can no design in a new product that is impossible to purchase.
also the W5200 is only 7x7mm, i really need small size,
the W5500 is 9x9mm (11x11 mm including footprint)
any one else who migrated from W5200 to W5500 ?
how much software did you need to rewrite ?
(I am not the sw dude, but the hardware designer, so all i need is to connected it correctly)

Hello, we are currently selling W5500 at WIZnet Shop. Please connect to the link below and purchase it.
Also, it is difficult to migrate from W5200 to W5500.

I have to make a design update for one board and I search the easyest solution for replace the W5200. Did you think that the w5500 is the better solution?
You say that it’s difficult to migrate from W5200 to W5500 but why?
Do you have an other solution?
Best regards,


For those who know W5500 and W5200 it is not difficult.

Look here. You must be guided by the requirements. Chips are similar, but a little different. And “best” usage depends on what you need from the device/circuit.

I’m sorry to bother you again… I have tried my new design with the w5500 but it seem’s to ba a problem with the spi. Since I have used the w5500 the spi don’t work any more.
I search a lot about the differences between w5200 and w5500 spi but i can’t find something can you help me please?

SPI commands are very well explained in the W5500 datasheet.