PCB design with W5500

Hello everyone, I am using raspberry pi pico with this.This is working good. I want to make PCB with W5500 and RP2040. This is my first PCB design. I have some doubt. I am fallowing this schematic.first am I doing okay?
Screen Shot 2021-10-25 at 13.19.18
When I try to make PCB, Do I need like this connection? This link doesn’t have but Sparkfun’s W5500 design have.
I couldn’t find HH-1M1608-121JT impedance. Can I use MH2029-101Y?
Impedance = 100Ohm
Test Frequency=100MHz
Maximum DC Current=2A
Maximum DC Resistance=0.1Ohm
Test Frequency=100MHz
Maximum DC Current=1.1A
Tolerance= None
Maximum DC Resistance=0.14Ohm